Peer review is implemented to ensure that journals disseminate high-quality scientific content that benefits the entire scientific community. The Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal (IPMJ) adopts a double-blind review process, wherein both authors and reviewers remain unaware of each other's identities. The review process consists of two stages.

  • The initial stage involves internal review, where we assess the paper for plagiarism and overall suitability. If errors are detected, the paper is returned to the author with a request for necessary modifications.
  • The second stage is external refereeing, in which the paper undergoes double-blind review by external referees. Referees have three options: they can recommend acceptance, rejection, or suggest revisions. If the paper is accepted, it proceeds to automatic publication. If revisions are recommended, the author must modify the paper and resubmit it. In cases of rejection, we provide feedback to the author.